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Jackman 2

Butt Fusion Machine 1/2" CTS - 2" IPS

Jackman 26 Butt Fusion Machine 1/2" CTS - 2" IPS Capacity 

The Jackman 2 compact is a mechanical butt fusion welder for joining HDPE and MDPE OD controlled plastic pipe and fittings. The Jackman Model 2 Butt Fusion Machine has a working range of ½” CTS to 2” IPS. 

It is easy to operate and incorporates a state-of-the-art digital heating plate with both digital and analog temperature gauges, heavy duty cast aluminum 2 jaw machine body, manual facer, and storage stand.

Machine Contents:

1. 2 Jaw Cast Aluminum Machine Carriage
(2" IPS Main Clamps) 

2. Digital Heating Iron with replaceable
PTFE Coated Heating Plates.
110 volts 1300 watts.

3. Manual Facer

4. Facer and Heating Plate Storage Stand





Jackman Butt Fusion Heating Plates are equipped with two types of visual temperature indicators to ensure absolute temperature accuracy.

  • Digital Display

  • Analog Thermometer

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